Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday Food Review

Yesterday was one of the best days ever - a perfectly gorgeous lazy Sunday.
I had so many things to do yesterday but I didn't do any of them.  Nothing bad came out of it, so it's cool.
I also didn't cook a single thing yesterday, unless you count making the kids' lunches for today.

I woke up hungover, but the nice kind of hangover - you're not sick, just tired, but happily so because you had a great time the night before.  The kind of hangover that invites weed and chai tea and pretty music to turn it from a hangover to a five-star indulgent lazefest.  I wanted to eat as soon as I woke up, no food at Boyfriend's house so wash ourselves and the children and walk down to Archie's for some breakfast.

Archies is good.  I've bitched about it in the past, but I'm back on board.  See, when Copperfields was open in the village, I loved breakfast there most of all.  Archies seemed generic and loud and sometimes there was a lineup and they don't serve mimosas and the clientele is fairly old and judgemental. ( I might be making up judgemental - but they look judgemental. )  Anyway, Copperfields is gone, the Roadhouse serves inferior breakfast, the pub that replaced Copperfields has even worse breakfast, the four of us cannot go to Red Roaster for any less than $50 - for the same kind of crap that would cost us $15 at Tim Hortons (but Red Roaster puts spinach on theirs!!) - so I gladly walked down to a seafood restaurant for my breakfast. 
Archies actually has a pretty decent breakfast menu, and the prices are fair for the quality and amount of food given.  I don't like those breakfast specials with eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast, coffee things - but apparently Archies is good for that.  No way man, I like French Toast, omelettes - I'm a fussypants.  Archies is good for that too.  Their selection is good and they do all different pancakes and Belgian waffles if  you're into that thing.  They put icing sugar on their French Toast, which sounds obvious, but so many places don't bother with this simple step.  I'd like to call that unacceptable, but I can't in good conscience - I've eaten undusted French Toast and enjoyed myself - but it certainly is disappointing.  Anyway, I give Archies French Toast 8 out of 10.  And they always have good bacon and they cook it right, too.  Their omelette selection is good, and they don't skimp on fillings, and they have some other yummy breakfast stuff too.  I think my chocolate milk was the kind made from syrup, but it usually isn't so Imma let that slide this time since she gave me lemon with my water without me asking (another oft-neglected simple gastronomical courtesy).  Archies still cost almost $60 for the four of us to have breakfast, but I didn't need to stop at the bakery for cookies right after.  In fact, I left knowing the kids wouldn't want to be fed again until dinner.  Priceless.

After lying in the sun stoned for an hour or so, I got the craving for chocolate and ice cream but not necessarily chocolate ice cream.  I was too lazy to walk to Dairy Queen, which I normally do with a spring in my step.  I knew the kids would be more than happy to go to the store for me if I let them get something.  I gave them a twenty and I gave The Girl ridiculously explicit instructions as to what I wanted: Chocolate Drumstick or Drumstick-type thing.  No weird flavours.  Chocolate.  Not chocolate and caramel or anything like that.  Just chocolate.  And not Rolo or Kit Kat - I want a Drumstick brand Drumstick, preferably, but DEFINITELY NOT one of the kinds where the cone is made of chocolate.  I want a cone made of cone.  Preferably no nuts, but if that's all they have, then fine. If you get me Caramel or Strawberry Cheesecake kind I will send you back as well as ask your father to spank youIf they don't have what I want, then get me an Oreo ice cream cookie thing.  If they don't have those either, ask them if their business license is expired or something.  Then, I sat uneasily, waiting for their return with bated breath.
That's a lie, I fell asleep.
When they returned, I literally fawned over what The Girl picked out for me.  She told me that although they had Drumstick brand chocolate Drumsticks, she saw this one and though it seemed like something I would love, so she took the chance but was totally willing to go back if I wanted.  Lemme tell ya, I don't know how it is that The Girl didn't spring from my own loins, since I'm not sure if anyone else (except perhaps the Product Development team at Klondike) could have so accurately predicted exactly what I would make a Drumstick out of I were to make a Drumstick.
So yeah, not a Drumstick.  A Klondike.  I think it was called Triple Chocolate Brownie Cone or something like that.  I'll start at the top... Brownie chunks adorn the top of the huge pile of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  Stick your tongue in there and you'll discover a ribbon of chocolate -fudgy goodness.  More ice cream that the average Drumstick, too.  Not that I have any beef with the amount of ice cream on a Drumstick brand cone treat; but I do always like getting more than I expect.  Then the cone.  It's made out of cone, not chocolate, as per my request, but guess what?  It's cone flavoured with chocolate!!  I mean, it's sort of like when you have pie crust made out of Oreo crumbs, you know?  But not quite that dark.  Anyway, it was fantastic, and there was a generous amount of chocolate at the bottom.  I have a new summer love, I'm a Klondike, ha!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of lying in the sun and on the couch.  Tummies started rumbling around 5:00.  By this time, I had given up on my plan of going home - I wasn't leaving the tranquility of Boyfriend's house for the laundry and vacuuming that awaited me at mine.  I had told the Boy earlier that we would have pizza for dinner because Mommy didn't want to cook.  Bonus about eating at Boyfriend's house?  Pizza could come from Bondi's.
Oh, Bondi's, how I love you.  This is seriously the best pizza in London, in my not-so-humble opinion.  Where to start?
Okay crust - you can have thin or regular, whole wheat, multi-grain, gluten-free (sadly - not so good), you can even choose from 4 different flavouring options for your crust if you so desire.  The topping selection is incredible.  Granted, I don't know too much about their meat options as I don't like meat on my pizza, but if it's anything like their veggie and cheese options, then you wont be disappointed.  Then you can choose free stuff like olive oil, Parmesan cheese, seasonings that sort of thing.  I know lots of places offer this, I don't know if most people bother - but you really should, it really enhances the pizza.  I know lots of other places have dipping sauce as well.  Bondi's has those too, but I must speak briefly about their marinara sauce.
They do not have the pre-made things of marinara sauce.  You have to ask for it.  Then what they give you is a nice little container of the same sauce they use on their pizza.  So it's pizza sauce, okay, but it's marinara sauce because that's what they use on their pizza.  You know those pre-made marinara sauces you get at other places?  They're like the bastard outcome of a three-way between salsa, ketchup and spaghetti sauce?  That's not at all what I want to dip my pizza crust in!  Bondi's is where it's at if you give even the tiniest fuck about marinara dipping sauce.
We ordered the kids a small pepperoni pizza.  Basic yes, but that's the beauty of kids.  The kids love Bondi's too.  Both were stoked to hear thier pizza was coming from there, and they both happily devoured the pizza, raving about its deliciousness the whole time.  I ate the jalapeno pepper from the kid's pizza.  Bondi's puts one on all their pizzas - sometimes we fight over them.  The Girl protested mildly about it being the kid's pizza, but I countered with something about paying for it, and Boyfriend said something about always letting others have the jalapenos and thus he intended to eat the one off the grownups pizza.  Sometimes being a parent means you get to be kind of a jerk, so I ate the one off the kids' pizza and it was very tasty, as per usual.  The Boy didn't say anything, he just happily munched his delicious pizza. He doesn't like jalapeno peppers anyway.
Boyfriend and I got a large thin crust pizza of our own design.  We got sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, spinach, jalapeno peppers (yes, more), and goat cheese.  Then we told them to add the olive oil, Parmesan and Italian seasoning.  Oh man, it was so good.  Superb.  Words can't even do it justice.  This is a great combination of pizza toppings, I assure you.  And for anyone who is leery about the heat of jalapeno peppers - please note; goat cheese cuts the heat in a way that can only be described as sublime.  I wish I was a better writer and could make you taste the pizza as you read this. 
Also, imagine our surprise when there was not one, but two jalapeno peppers on top of our pizza!  So The Girl got to eat one after all!  Everyone wins with Bondi's pizza.  We were all happily, not grossly, full of delicious, well-made, perfectly greasy, but not overly so, conveniently located, marinarariffic pizza of the gods.

It was around 10:30 pm that I started to get the munchies again.  We tore into a fabulous President's Choice cheesecake.  I cant remember the exact name of it, but remember what I said about my Klondike cone earlier?  Remove the "Cone" and add "Cheesecake" and that was the flavour, essentially.  Oooh, also it had a chocolate ganache layer on top.
This was really good.  I normally am all about the President's Choice cheesecakes because I find them pretty yummy, and I love, yet hate making, cheesecake.  This one had an Oreo crust, 2 different kinds of chocolate inside as well as the chocolate ganache on top, so if you don't like chocolate you might not like it.  But you probably still would, because it's really that good.  It was the perfect late night snack, but you could serve it any time and I will come over.  I know Oprah says you shouldn't eat past 7pm, but what does that fat bitch know?