Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Love for the Man

Maybe it's because I have Spring Fever or something, but I have been feeling especially grateful for my boyfriend the last little while.  We are not without our problems - we have some issues we're trying to work through - we're doing pretty good at it I think - and I know I have done my share of complaining about what a lout he is so I decided the best way to counter that (because lets face it, I'll complain about him soon) is to express my gratitude with the same frequency I express my complaints.

Anyway, who cares?  I shouldn't have to justify loving my boyfriend.  This is my motherfucking blog.

So sometimes he does or says something that almost brings me to tears because I can tell just how bloody much he adores me.  I can't explain it to you but I can see it in his eyes, corny as that may sound.

So today, we're out for lunch and we're talking about a referendum that just happened at my school and he tells me I should get involved in student politics because I'd be really good at it.  I tell him no way would I be really good at it, because, "...they're all way smarter than me anyway."  He got so angry!  I was like "Why the anger?" and this is what he said...

"Because I love you so much and I think you're the smartest person there."

Now okay, I realize this is akin to your Mom telling you you're the prettiest girl in the world, but there it was - the look on his face - he meant it.  I can tell.  I was bashful and honoured and felt really loved.  It is irrelevant that the real reason I don't get involved is because I think I'm too old.  My boyfriend adores the shit out of me and thinks I'm super smart.  And for that, I am grateful.

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