Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Being a Student Rules

1. If I'm late for something, I can say "I lost my ipod and that's my only clock" - this is accepted as a perfectly reasonable excuse.

2. Everyone is always uber-concerned about my health, happiness, and general well-being here at University.  You won't find that in the workforce.  Well, not anywhere I personally worked anyway.

3. There is free food and swag around almost every corner.

4. Among my student peers, I don't stand out as the only tard who never learned to drive.  They're all in the same boat.  And among the older crowd like the profs, no one assumes I'm poor or retarded or epileptic or had too many DUI's like they do in the outside world.  They think I'm smart and progressive.

5.  Free bus pass! (see above)

6. This is related to being a history student specifically... They don't call us students, they call us historians.  I like that.

7. People go out of their way to help you in their work.  Like the librarian who tracked down a book for me at the public library.  Or the Prof who brought me in a book to read to help with my research for another prof's class.

8. No one laughs when I say I find social policy reform fascinating.

9. I like purple.

10. If I had a job and fell asleep, I would get fired.  Here, if I fall asleep, someone taps me on the shoulder and says, "What time is your class? Do you want me to wake you up?"

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